Our “SAFE RACKS” heavy duty overhead storage racks are one of the industry's strongest & Original overhead storage units. You will find that our racks are built using some of the heaviest gauge steel in the marketplace providing you with peace of mind that you are offering a solid product to your customer. They are ideal for offering off the floor storage for bulky items in an area of your garage that is typically never used: the ceiling. The 4' x 8' unit is capable of storing up to 600 lbs. of containers and items. All of our units are powder coated with a beautiful white finish or a Dark grey with black spec’s. We offer a full range of sizes on the racks to fit any garage and to fit with any cabinet layout to maximize the storage in your garage.

Racks Range From 250 - 600 ILBS of Storage Weight

Made From 14 Gauge Industrial Grade Steel

Double Ceiling Joist Connections

Heavy Duty C-Channel Framing

All Parts Are Powder Coating - Long Lasting Finish

Adjust Heights To Fit Any Garage

We also Offer the following sizes:
(2’x 4) & (2’ x 6’) & (2’ x 8”)
(3’x 4) & (3’ x 6’) & (3’ x 8”)
(4’x 4) & (4’ x 6’) & (2’ x 8”)

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